FOYs Start Pouring In For Mid-Atlantic

Commas were out in force today at Patuxent Wildlife Refuge North Tract; picked up three basking along the same 100-meter stretch of trail near Boy Scout Area 1.  Dipped on the expected mourning cloak, though; I usually see them along the road out to the bridge over the Patuxent, often in the early maple blooms.  Eric Raun reports he picked up a FOY cabbage white in Greenbelt.  The warm weather is really bringing things out just to our south; Harry Pavulaan reported summer azure (spring form) from Leesburg VA and noted that he’d released his overwintering sleepy orange.  In King William Co., VA, Allen Bryan picked up azures, Henry’s elfin, clouded sulphur and an assortment of anglewings including American lady.  Continued warm weather could give us here in MD a good pop of spring butterflies in the next week or two.

My hopes of seeing some early spring Tuscan butterflies this week while I’m in and around Florence dimmed appreciably with the forecast of cold rain every single day of the week until my return Saturday.

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One Response to FOYs Start Pouring In For Mid-Atlantic

  1. Beth Johnson says:

    Saw my FOY butterfly this afternoon — a cabbage white in Silver Spring.
    Yesterday I saw my first bee of the year, one of the larger species of small ground-dwellers that inhabit my front yard.

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