Maryland Amphibian & Reptile Atlas

While you’re out on a field trip or LepTrek this season, keep your eyes out for herps, too.  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Natural History Society of Maryland have teamed up to sponsor the Maryland Amphibian & Reptile Atlas (MARA), a five year study statewide that began in 2010. The purpose of this Atlas will be to establish current range distribution maps of all reptiles & amphibians (herps) across Maryland. As the second year of the survey gets underway, butterfly enthusiasts can be a big help with this project as they spend so much time in the field with cameras in hand. For the record, herps include turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and salamanders.  If you are out conducting butterfly surveys or counts and happen to come across one of these herps in Maryland, please take a photo!  It is that simple.  You can email the photo to Sue Muller (Howard County Coordinator for the Atlas) at  Along with the photo you must provide the location the photo was taken (GPS coordinates, a street address, a park name etc.) as well as what County you were in so the photo can be sent to the appropriate County Coordinator.  Participation is that simple!  If you would like to read more information on this project, you can go the Howard County Bird Club website at  Please note that the species maps on this website are specific to Howard County.  However, this is a good website to learn about the project.

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