New Online Site for Massachusetts Butterflies

Several lep listservs this week announced the debut of a new online resource to Massachusetts leps, The Butterflies of Massachusetts.  This resource presents new information on the abundance and distribution of Massachusetts butterflies based on Massachusetts Butterfly Club sighting data. It also contains a wealth of historical background on each species, as well as conservation and management information. The announcements note that —

Species Accounts will cover all butterfly species normally occurring in Massachusetts. Many Species Accounts are now available.  Each Account includes:

(1) history and abundance in the 1800s and 1900s; (2) host plants and habitat in Massachusetts; (3) chart of relative abundance today, including change since 1986-90 Audubon Atlas; (4) map of distribution today based on MBC sighting data; (5) broods and flight periods in Massachusetts; (6) conservation outlook, including the probable impact of climate warming.

Each Species Account is illustrated with a photograph taken by a photographer associated with the Massachusetts Butterfly Club.

The Butterflies of Massachusetts is written by Sharon Stichter, with the assistance of Lynette Leka (data analysis), Joe Teixeira (maps), and many observers from the Massachusetts Butterfly Club. The contact author is

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