WABC Field Trips 2011

WABC is planning an ambitious series of field trips and events for the 2011 flight season.  Save the date for regular field trips and other field activities scheduled on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, April through September, with a couple of two-day extended trips, special events, and impromptu LepTreks thrown in.  Unless otherwise noted, the trips are free.

The philosophy behind these Saturday trips is that they’re places that normally don’t have scheduled butterfly walks during the summer, or are easy quick checks for a last-minute drive by.  We’ll add notices on LepLog and the WABC listserv of those kinds of trips, too, but the Saturday field trips are a little more ambitious, or explore unique habitats.

Here’s what we have in the planning process so far.  If you’d like to volunteer to organize any of these trips, or a trip to one of your favorite places, email me at washbutterflies |AT| gmail |DOT| com.  Check back regularly for updates!

What does an organizer do? You don’t have to be a lep expert to organize a trip — all you need to be is interested in showing your fellow naturalists a place you think they’d be interested in seeing and exploring.  Generally, a couple of the hoary veterans from WABC show up to help with ID, and anyhow it’s all about learning new butterflies and habitats together. Your job is to provide directions and guidance on the ground, and any other logistical information.  And the groups are usually pretty small; a dozen or so WABC members and guests.

Rain dates:  If the Saturday of a field trip ends up being inclement weather, the rain date is the next day, Sunday, same time and place.  If that’s also a washout, we won’t reschedule.  If in doubt, email the organizer directly.  Unless noted otherwise, these Saturday day field trips are 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. with a break for lunch.  Overnight trips begin at 10 a.m. Saturday and will run until late afternoon with a break for lunch, and will resume 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Sunday.  Participants are welcome to join one or both days, and there will be a group dinner on Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  Participants are responsible for arranging their own overnight accommodations, although we can facilitate both shared hotel rooms and carpools through the WABC listserv.

April  9                    Patuxent Wildlife Refuge North Tract for early azures, elfins, orange-tips and anglewings.  [Rick Borchelt, organizer]

April 23            ANS Field Trip “Spring Butterflies of Unique Southern Maryland Habitats”  (Audubon Naturalist Society) Requires registration and fee; check out http://www.audubonnaturalist.org

May 14                   TBD

May 28-29            Finzel Swamp and Western MD (Garrett, Allegany) for commas, northern and montane relicts [Rick Borchelt, organizer]

June 11                  Highland Co. VA and environs for checkerspots, long dash, ringlets

June 25                 Sky Meadows, VA [Scott Baron, organizer]

July 2                    Ft. Indiantown Gap for the annual regal fritillary tour  (no leader, carpool)

July 9-10              New Jersey Pine Barrens/Lakehurst overnight [Rick Borchelt, organizer

July 23                 Carroll County Piney Run & Westminster

August 13            Lower Eastern Shore in search of salt marsh specialists

August 27            TBD

Sept 10                 TBD

Sept 24            Point Lookout SP for late migrants/vagrants [Eric Raun, organizer] NOTE:  Point Lookout State Park entrance fee is $5.

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