Since I’m not out bird twitching — the snow forecast was daunting, though apparently quite off in its timing, as there have been very few flakes here in College Park so far — I spent some time this morning at Starbux cleaning up and reorganizing the Checklists resource section online here.  Instead of one long list of checklists, I’ve ordered them alphabetically by state so they’ll be more useful.

One thing this project has impressed on me is just how few checklists are available online.  Honestly, try Googling them.  I’m not reproducing in this section Dick Smith’s work (which is in the WABC section under state and county records), NABA count lists,  or the BAMONA data.  But I am looking for things like state and national park lists, or other locality lists, and my experience has been that many of these exist only as word processing files or photocopies that are handed out at the visitor centers.  I can handle those, too, if you run across them and want to send me a copy to scan into PDF and post for the rest of us.

So, send along your favorites (or a photocopy of them) so others can share them as we think about butterfly expeditions in 2011!


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