Butterflies and Their Conservation Course Offered

WABC’s Pat Durkin will teach “Butterflies and Their Conservation” in June as part of the Natural History Field Studies Program, co-sponsored by the USDA Graduate School and Audubon Naturalist Society.  Details and registration information below:


Butterflies and Their Conservation                 butterfly
NATH 2175E
Small-scale conservation projects can do much to help butterflies, whose populations are increasingly impacted by urbanization and other factors. Participants will learn to identify butterflies of the region, study the principles of butterfly conservation, and work on plans for their own conservation projects, based on an expanded understanding of butterfly biology, behavior and habitat requirements. Saturday field trips will include several butterfly conservation projects, a variety of habitats, and possibly a visit to an introduced Baltimore Checkerspot colony.
Class night and time: Wednesdays, 7-9:30 pm
Class meetings: June 8-June 25
Field Trip Dates: June 11 and June 25
Location: Woodend Sanctuary, MD
Tuition: $259
Instructor: Pat Durkin
To Register Online: http://www.graduateschool.edu/course_details.php?cid=NATH2175E

Pat Durkin conducts butterfly surveys for the National Park Service and other organizations. She is director of the Baltimore Checkerspot Restoration Project of Maryland. B.A., University of Maryland.

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