“Butterfly Symbolism” for WABC January Meeting

The holidays are full of symbolism — evergreens to represent the promise of spring in the depths of winter, lights and candles for the growing sunlight after the solstice, the bird nest in the decorated tree for good luck and fertility.  WABC will get a chance to reflect on the symbolism of butterflies in its January meeting on Thursday, Jan. 13.

“Butterfly Symbolism”

Lisa Burkoski, US National Museum of Natural History

7:30 p.m., Thurs., Jan. 13

Long Branch Nature Center, Arlington, VA


Lisa Burkoski, NMNH


“Butterfly Symbolism” is a PowerPoint presentation that travels through six of the Earth’s continents to focus on the meaning and use of butterfly symbols in the world’s many cultures.  Pictorial representations of butterflies in art, religion, history, and popular culture will be shown and discussed.

Lisa is a Museum Technician and Educator for the Butterflies and Plants: Partners in Evolution exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History.  She also spends time caring for the butterflies and plants in the exhibition, and many hours during her day interacting with both visitors and volunteers and having conversations about the butterflies and plants.  When not in the pavilion, she works on creating ways to expand the Museum’s volunteer program and collaborates with other members of the education department on various projects.

Please note that this program is NOT on the typical fourth Thursday night for WABC meetings!

Directions to Long Branch Nature Center via Google Maps:  http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Long+Branch+Nature+Center+625+S.+Carlin+Springs+Road,+Arlington,+VA+22204&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=42.360237,59.326172&ie=UTF8&z=16

Directions from I-395:
Take the SEMINARY RD exit- EXIT 4. Turn onto SEMINARY RD going northwest.
Turn RIGHT onto CARLIN SPRINGS RD / VA-716.  Long Branch Nature Center is about 0.8 miles on the right behind a medical office building near a hospital. The Long Branch sign (which may be unlit on at least one side) and driveway are just before the office building. Follow the long driveway past the offices’ parking garage, through the woods, to the Nature Center parking lot. Walk up the incline to the Nature Center. ADC Northern Virginia Map 16, G-8.

Directions from Washington Beltway (I-495):
Drive EAST on ROUTE 50 about 5 miles.
Turn right (SOUTH) onto CARLIN SPRINGS ROAD.  The Nature Center is about 1/3 mile on the left behind a medical office building; the sign and driveway are just beyond the building (just before the building for those driving NORTH from COLUMBIA PIKE). Drive past the office building and down the wooded driveway to the Nature Center parking lot.

Directions by Public Transportation:
From Ballston Metro station (Orange Line) board the 25A bus towards Pentagon.
Walk in the same direction the bus was going, cross the street when you see the Nature Center sign, and continue on the long driveway past the medical offices’ parking garage, through the woods, to the Nature Center (about a 3-minute walk).

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