Dick Smith’s Star Turn on MPT

WABC’s own Dick Smith takes a start turn on Maryland Public Television’s Maryland Outdoors Episode 2203, one segment of which is about Soldier’s Delight environmental area.  Dick does the virtual version of the great field trip he led earlier this fall to this serpentine barrens near Baltimore.  Here’s the program lineup; it broadcasts again on MPT stations Saturday, Dec. 4:

Earth, Wind & Fire; Home Again; Mountain Steam
Episode # 2203

Earth, Wind and Fire: Soldiers Delight in Baltimore County is a special natural environment area protected because of its rare prairie-like ecosystem called serpentine grassland and oak savannah. Half of this ecosystem still remaining in the Eastern U.S. is here in Maryland at Soldiers Delight.Home Again: Iraq War Veterans who have been badly wounded in action often come home to find they can no longer pursue one of the things they love most—hunting. Now, thanks to a new training program in Maryland, these handicapped vets are able to once again enjoy the outdoors in ways they remember before losing limbs while serving in Iraq.Mountain Steam: Join us for a ride back in time on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. On the weekends the train is pulled by Mountain Thunder, a steam locomotive and operates between Cumberland and Frostburg. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while experiencing the natural beauty of Allegany County.


Saturday, December 04, 2010
Length : 25 min

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