Kauffman Review of Mariposa Road

Robert Michael Pyle's Mariposa Road

Robert Michael Pyle's Mariposa Road

Kenn Kauffman reviews Robert Michael Pyle’s new book Mariposa Road in the current issue of Audubon Magazine.  Kauffman writes:

“Mariposa Road is not merely a thesis on Lepidoptera, however. It’s a romp through North America’s rich diversity, with the quest for butterflies providing merely the framework for all the other encounters. Pyle’s sharp prose captures his delight with the landscapes, wildlife, and especially the people he meets.”

Mariposa Road is Pyle’s account of his 2008 Butterfly Big Year logging all the butterfly species he could find north of Mexico — more than 450 species by year’s end.  I’m looking forward to reading it too.

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