Monarch Butterfly Conservation Day Sept. 4

*Monarch Butterfly Conservation Day*
Saturday, September 4, 10am – 3pm
Black Hills Regional Park, Boyds, Maryland


Celebrate monarch butterflies and explore their amazing annual
migration to and from Mexico!  All programs are free and first-come,

Tour of a Monarch Waystation Meadow   11 am – Noon.   Ages 10 – adult
The Monarch Watch program helps monarchs by encouraging people to plant
nectar and host plants. Visit our waystation meadow, created by Montgomery
County Master Gardeners, and learn how to create a Monarch Waystation at
your home, school, church or local park. All participants take home a free
monarch nectar/host plant. Meet at Monarch Waystation gravel parking lot off
of Clarksburg Road (route 121). Look for the large monarch butterfly or call
us before Sept. 4 for directions.

10:30, 12:30, 2:30.

Monarch Movie: “The Monarch King”   All ages
Learn about year in the life of a monarch butterfly in this film for kids
from the Monarch Watch educational outreach program.

Monarch Videos:  “Monarchs Survived Winter in Mexico”      10am & Noon.
Ages 8 and up
Short videos of the 2009-10 winter season in the Mexican mountains.

Monarch Crafts
On-going 10am – 3pm.  Ages 4 and up with an adult
Join volunteers for a make-and-take craft session.   Make a caterpillar,
monarch stamp art, and other fun creations.

Monarch Garden Plants Raffle Tickets for Sale    On-going 10am – 3pm.  All
Our Friends of Black Hill Nature Programs gardener volunteers will be
raffling off a complete garden of native perennial plants for monarchs and
other butterflies (a value of $300) for just $5 a ticket. All proceeds will
be donated to The Monarch Butterfly Fund for their project of planting
oyamel fir trees in the Mexican Monarch Sanctuaries; see and click on reforestation projects. Please bring
$5 to support this worthwhile cause. You just might win!!

Monarch Life Cycle Exhibit   On-going 10 am – 3 pm.   All ages
Explore a self-guiding exhibit featuring monarch eggs, caterpillars,
chrysalides and adult butterflies.

Monarch Migration Stations     On-going 10am – 3pm.   All ages
How do delicate monarch butterflies make it to Mexico and back? Play our
“Monarch Migration” game and discover for yourself what obstacles these
amazing insects face on their epic journey. In/around Visitor Center.

Friends of Black Hill Nature Programs:  Display Table and Sale
On-going 10 am – 3 pm. All ages.
Stop by and find out the benefits of becoming a member. Buy monarch munchies
and souvenirs. In addition to the FOBH, there will be other vendors selling
butterfly related items, photographs, t-shirts and other original art.

Monarch Resources Room for Teachers         On-going 10 am – 2 pm. Adults.
Browse our books, posters, videos, catalog, games, crafts and other
resources that are available for teaching a butterfly unit or curriculum.
Also, the Friends of Black Hill Nature Programs will be there with their
hands-on discovery nature boxes on butterflies which teachers may use with
their classes when visiting the park.

Monarch Storytime for Families           Ongoing 10am – 3pm.  Ages 3-7
Enjoy reading one of our many monarch storybooks to your children or ask a
volunteer to read it for them. In the shade of the birdfeeder area

Monarch Migration Tagging and Release            On-going 11am – 3 pm.  All
Volunteer Mona Miller will tag and release migrating monarchs every 10
minutes. Hear about the monarchs’ journey. In the tent.

Monarch Photo Opportunity        On-going 10 am – 3 pm.  All ages
Bring your own camera and  take photos of your kids as they peer out from
behind a people-sized monarch butterfly and caterpillar.

Monarch Music  1:30-2:00pm  (All ages)
Join volunteer musicians in a show and sing-along of monarch butterfly
songs. Bring your own folding chair or blanket. Meet in front of the canopy
in the lawn.

Vendors of Nature        On-going 10am – 3pm.
Bring some spending money to purchase a butterfly t-shirt, photograph,
original artwork or items for your butterfly and bird gardens.

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