Great Dismal Swamp Count This Saturday

Great Dismal Swamp NWR Butterfly Survey is scheduled for SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2010.  Participants will meet at the Washington Ditch parking area at 8:00 am and return at 5:00 pm.Please call Don Schwab or Deloras Freeman at 757-986-3705.

Volunteers need to bring plenty of water and a lunch. Please dress appropriately.
Don Schwab’s e-mail: Don Schwab <

Here is the 2009 count information:

Dismal Swamp, VA. Yr. 17, 36°39’N, 76°28’W, center at Middle Ditch at Jericho Ditch, Great Dismal Swamp NWR. See 1992 report for habitats.
Habitat changes since last year: Drought conditions late in 2008, 5000 ac. wildfire that burned from June – Oct, 2008, invasive species herbicide spraying & mowing.
31 July 2009; 0900-1700 hrs; sun AM 76-100%, PM 76-100%; 73-93°F; wind 0-15 mi/hr. 29 observers in 7 parties. Total party-hours 37.5; total party-miles on foot
23. Observers: R. Ake, J. Andrews, K. Andrews, B. Baucom, A. Bessler, G. Burch, R. Burch, A. Carellani, J. Davis, T. Elkins, A. Flanders, N. Flanders, D. Freck, K. Freck, D. Gould, W. Gould, T. Gwynn, P. Hegge, T. Kain, S. Living, L. Marshall, M. Mitchell, D. Monahan, C. Murvine, T. Raque, Don Schwab (1411 Planters Dr, Suffolk, VA, 23434;, M. Smith, I. Walkers, M. Walkers.

Zebra Swallowtail 238, Black Sw. 17, E. Tiger Sw. 181, Palamedes Sw. 1040, Cabbage White 4, Clouded Sulphur 5, Orange Su. 12, Cloudless Su. 13, Sleepy Orange 9, Gr. Purple Hairstreak 11, Gray Ha. 8, Red-banded Ha. 12, E. Tailed-Blue 65, ‘Summer’ Spring Azure 42, Am. Snout 1, Variegated Fritillary 12, Pearl Crescent 238, Question Mark 41, E. Comma 16, Am. Lady 19, Red Admiral 24, Com. Buckeye 27, Red-spotted Purple 71, Viceroy 11, S. Pearly-eye 7, Creole Pe.-eye 12, Carolina Satyr 86, Little Wood-Sa. 3, Monarch 7, Silver-spotted Skipper 37, Horace’s Duskywing 25, Com. Sootywing 2, Clouded Sk. 3, Least Sk. 10, Fiery Sk. 11, Crossline Sk. 1, Little Glassywing 11, Sachem 6, Zabulon Sk. 4, Yehl Sk. 35, Dun Sk. 3, Lace-winged Roadside-Sk. 4. Unidentified: Swallowtail sp. 3, spreadwing Sk sp. 3, grass sk. sp. 2, skipper sp. 14, sulfur sp. 1, anglewing sp. 4, butterfly sp. 12. Unlisted: Aaron’s Skipper 1. Total 43 species, 2424 individuals.

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