Impromptu LepTrek to Eastern Neck NWR

I’m planning an ad hoc trip TOMORROW, SUNDAY JULY 18 out to Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge in Rock Hall, MD (just north of the Bay Bridge as the monarch flies, but requires a roundabout drive of some 45 minutes from the Bay Bridge to
get there).  Mostly looking for some of the salt marsh specialists, especially on the Bayview/Butterfly Trail.

Drop me an email at rborchelt |at| gmail || dot || com if you want to
meet up, or call me on the cell 202.812.7101.

Assuming the weather cooperates and I’m not too wiped out from today’s
annual DC butterfly count, I plan on being at the Bayview Trail
entrance at 10 a.m.

If you miss me on email or phone, look for the black Prius with the
bay vanity plates RNGRIK.

Below are direction to Eastern Neck:

From Maryland’s western shore (Annapolis, MD):

Take U.S. Rt. 50/301 East across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge ($2.50 toll
eastbound). Continue on Rt. 301 North after 50 and 301 split. Exit Rt.
301 North onto Rt. 213 North towards Chestertown. Continue on Rt. 213
North into Chestertown (see directions below).
From Points North

Take Rt. 213 South to Chestertown OR Take Rt. 301 South to Rt. 290
(Galena/Sassafras). Follow Rt. 290 South to Galena, MD. Continue
straight through light onto Rt. 213. South Take Rt. 213 South to
Chestertown (see directions below).
From Southern Eastern Shore

Take Rt. 50 West to Rt. 213 North. Take Rt. 213 North into Chestertown
(see directions below).
From Chestertown, MD

In Chestertown, turn from Rt. 213 onto Rt. 291 West, Morgnec Road
(also marked “to Rt. 20”). At the T-intersection, turn right onto Rt.
20 South towards Rock Hall. Follow Rt. 20 South for 12 miles to Rock
Hall. At the blinking red light in Rock Hall, turn left onto Rt. 445.
Follow Rt. 445 about 6 miles out of Rock Hall to the refuge entrance

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2 Responses to Impromptu LepTrek to Eastern Neck NWR

  1. Dave Gauntt says:

    I am a volunteer at the Eastern Neck Butterfly Garden and am responsible for a good part of what you see – good or bad. I would be interested in your comments and suggestions concerning the garden. My wife will be presiding at service tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. so I can’t be there when you are.
    If I may impose on you, can someone give me a tally of the different butterflies seen tomorrow at the garden? We are trying to get an accurate picture of the number of different species so we can address the host plant population.
    Dave Gauntt

    • Rick says:

      Great hearing from you, Dave. Yes, of course I will be happy to send a record of the count. Have been meaning to visit ENWR ever since hearing about it from the great guy (whose name I have misplaced) who also volunteers at Blackwater in the visitor’s center. I won’t be finishing up probably until around 1; if you’re on the refuge by then I will swing by the visitor center to say hello.

      Besides Bayview, are there any other good spots with nectar sources on the Refuge?

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