Breaking 60 Species on the Delmarva Butterfly Big Year

Well, thanks to a couple of nice finds on today’s annual Butterfly Count at the US National Arboretum (I’ll let our intrepid leader Tom Stock fill in the details when he sends them to me to post in a couple of days), I finally broke 60 species seen in Delmarva so far this year.

My goal of 100 seems pretty darn ambitious at this point!

I dipped on some early specialties — picked up all the elfins EXCEPT brown, the commonest of all.  And some specialty azures.  And Appalachian Grizzled Skipper.

And I’m running late in the season for pearly eyes of various extractions.

On the plus side, late July begins the good migratory season, and this could be a good irruptive year.  A nice tropical storm with a couple days of sustained southerly winds could be very productive!

I’m having some trouble uploading the list so far for y’all to see and help me find my missing species.  I keep the records in Excel, which WordPress here hates, and now that it’s gone to multiple worksheets in Excel, I can’t capture the whole shebang in PDF form.  But let me work on it a bit and I’ll figure out a way, even if I have to just plug in a Word list!

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