The Call of the Northwoods

What could be better than an early summer break in Maine, when lobster and blueberries beckon but early enough to avoid the crowds of high season?  An early summer break to study leps in Maine, of course!  Browsing the lep listservs, I came across this testimonial by Hugh McGuinness on behalf of Humboldt Institute’s summer lep course on the NYSButterflies list:

>>Hello NY Leppers,

I am writing to let you know about a wonderful Lep course being offered in June at Eagle Hill in Maine. Even though many of you might never consider taking a course, I wanted to let you know about my experience. I enrolled several years ago, and it was an incredible experience that propelled me into doing research on Leps. The instructor Brian Scholtens, who is a professor at the College of Charleston, is a wonderful teacher, with a comprehensive knowledge of butterflies and moths. His entomological knowledge is so comprehensive that I remember during lectures feeling as if I could imagine what it is like to be an insect. Further, he will mold the course to fit the interests of students; so for example, it can be geared towards
butterflies if that is the interest of most of the students. I have even heard a rumor that participants in the course will have the option to participate in a Bioblitz at the station.

The Humboldt Research Station, where the course takes place, is rustic but with very nice accommodations. It is in a beautiful setting located near the coast in upper Maine. There is a great diversity of habitats to explore both at the station and in the surrounding area, which results in a large number of species being encountered. I remember photographing moths (many of which I have not seen since) to the calls of both Barred and Saw Whet Owl. The food was excellent.

A description of the course, as well as the list of the courses offered at the station, can be found here.  There is a second, simultaneous course at the station (this year on sterile crustose lichens, of all things), which makes for interesting company at meals.

So if you are looking for a way to expand your knowledge of Leps, or miss going away to summer camp, or just want to get away from everything for a highly engaging week, check out the link above. Feel free to query me off-line.

Information on lodging options, meals, and costs may be found at

There is an online application form at

You can contact the station directly at:

The Humboldt Institute,

PO Box 9,

Steuben, ME 04680-0009.

207-546-2821. Fax 207-546-3042


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