Maryland Big Year #13 — Olive Hairstreak

Olive Hairstreak by Ken Childs courtesy BAMONAStill in Green Ridge State Forest on Saturday April 10, I was delighted to find a very fresh olive hairstreak (aka juniper hairstreak) nectaring on various invasives (dandelion, henbit) growing under red cedars on the Maryland side of the abandoned train trestle near Lock 58.  Incredible green.  I religiously whacked a number of the other cedars in the area but only saw the one Saturday.

Also flying in Green Ridge on Saturday, April 10 along Orleans and Oldtown Roads:

Cabbage White — numerous, especially where the forest land abuts agricultural land closer to I-68; the spring brood there this year is especially tiny and could fool you for a second for orangetips)

Falcate Orangetip (rather uncommon, probably only a dozen or so the entire afternoon)

Comma Anglewing (a singleton)

Duskywings — Juvenal’s, sleepy, and dreamy.

Celastris sp — heavily skewed toward males, didn’t see any obvious hostplant associations so hard to refer to species.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail — a half dozen or so sailing along Orleans Road, and a dark morph female where Long Pond Trail Red crosses Oldtown Road.

Zebra Swallowtail — singleton, along the C&O Canal at lock 58.

Surprisingly little in bloom for nectar sources; spring beauty and dentaria on the ridges, some cresses and saxifrage on the rock outcrops.  Redbud was in full bloom but didn’t see a single lep on them the entire day.

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