Maryland Big Year #10-#12 — Sleepywing Trifecta

Headed out last Saturday to Green Ridge State Forest in western Maryland to see how the season was progressing there and to look for some Appalachian specialties.  Sleepywings were very much on Juvenal's Duskywing, courtesy Bob Moul on BAMONAthe wing — driving down Orleans Road from I-68 there seemed to be a resident couple of Juvenal’s at each pull-off.  A little closer to the river, both dreamy duskywing and sleepy duskywing were flying along the dirt and gravel roads, occasionally puddling in damp roadside mud.  A bit early for columbine and wild indigo duskywings, but I would expect them there along the river bluffs as the season wears on.

The two light spots on the leading edge of the forewing were quite distinctive on the Juvenal’s, especially as all of the skippers in flight were very fresh.

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