Tropical Butterfly Ecology Course — May 2010

Picked this up from the DesertLeps listserv for any LepLog readers who might be interested:

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Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:25 pm (PDT)

*** OPEN ENROLLMENT – spaces still available***

Tropical Butterfly Ecology

This 2-week course is for advanced graduate students interested in conducting
tropical field studies on butterflies. The course will focus on the Costa
Rican Atlantic rainforest fauna, and include work at the La Selva Biological
Station and the Tirimbina Biological Reserve – both sites share a diverse
assemblage of Neotropical butterflies, including many species that extend well
into South America.

The major thrust of this course will be natural history and identification of
butterfly adults and early stages. We will focus on behavior, diversity,
ecological and evolutionary patterns, symbiotic associations, ecophysiology,
quantitative sampling techniques, experimental design, and as well, the
pleasures of conducting research on tropical insects.

The course combines lectures, hands-on field exploration, and major efforts on
the part of students to understand and apply quantitative observational and
sampling procedures in the field. The course will stress developing rigorous
natural history questions from field observations.

Faculty: Dr. Phil DeVries, University of New Orleans

Dr. Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona

Guest faculty:

Isidro Chacon, Costa Rica National Museum and

National Biodiversity Institute (INBIO)

Dates: May 14-28, 2010
Application Deadline: February 16, 2010 for priority admission followed by open
enrollment until filled.
Tuition: OTS consortium applicants – $2,000; non-member applicants $2,500

Partial need-based scholarships are available; priority given to OTS consortium
and Latin American applicants.

Students: graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other interested
For More information: consult the OTS website at or contact

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